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    Key points The two main arbitration institutions in Iran are the Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC) and the Arbitration Centre of the Iran Chamber (ACIC).   Domestic arbitration is governed by specific provisions of the Civil Procedure Code of Iran (CPC). International arbitration is governed by the Law of International Commercial Arbitration (LICA), which was […]

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    Generally, property ownership of foreigners is recognized by a pre-Revolution Cabinet’s executive order in 1949.  In 2005 another Cabinet’s executive order passed with some amendments: Foreign company shall be registered in Iran and apply for property ownership from Registration authority under jurisdiction of Judicial Branch. Application shall not contain material against public interests. Iranian companies […]

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    Twenty-four new hospitals and 20,000 hospital beds, including specialized beds for ICUs (which each cost $202,900), will be added to the existing capacity of the healthcare system in the coming years, and would be financed by foreign and domestic private companies. On the eve of the first conference on ‘Foreign Investment in Healthcare System’ to […]

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    Move is meant to attract investment when sanctions are lifted Abu Dhabi: Iran will offer foreign investors guarantees in a move to sure up economic growth when years of sanctions are expected to be lifted early next year. “Everything is ready for investment and joint ventures … We’re capable of cooperation and [of] giving guarantees […]

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      Anthony McAuley The elements for a recovery in prices are in place in the oil industry, according to the consultancy firm McKinsey. “One way or another, the factors that sent oil prices way down are changing,” said Scott Nyquist, a McKinsey oil industry expert in Houston. With the usual caveats about the impossibility of predicting oil […]

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    Source: Official Farsi Text distributed to all government organizations. NOTE:  This 210-page document is a typical PPP framework to be used as a template.  Some key points highlighted below for your information. The PPP Framework is one of the by-products of Post-Nuclear-Deal Iran when the country took the opportunity to open up the market for […]

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    Absorbing your free content is one way that potential new customers make their buying decision. They’re not sure if you’re worth the investment, so they base their decision on how helpful is the free content. In the online world, we deliver this free content in the form of blogs, podcasts and videos. This content brings in new leads, […]

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    More than 75% of technical information on Google is either inaccurate, or incomplete, and obsolete. Do not rely on online information to resolve your legal matters. The most popular ‘go-to-attorney’ in the world today is Attorney Google. It might be anything ranging from a bounced cheque to inheritance, insolvency of your company, and drafting a […]